What I Wore: High Waist Wide Leg Pants

Hello loves.

Last week’s outfit was intently about being self-confident in what you choose to wear, about diffusing all your doubts and finally wearing what you’ve always fantasized about. Yes you can!

Once upon a time, I was so afraid and shy to wear anything revealing not because I didn’t want to but because I worried what people would think of me. Truth is, what they think does not change you. The key to fashion is BEING YOU. It is A-OK to be you.

Case in point, V-Day and my outfit. Isn’t Valentine’s Day just the perfect day to wear your heart on your sleeve…or blouse, pants, or heels regardless of your relationship status? Though I may not be a big Valentine’s Day activist, I’m most certainly an enthusiast of pink, lavender, cream and the complete girliness that emits throughout a killer Valentine’s Day ensemble.

With that in mind, I decided to go all in with these red linen hip pants (that easily get creased unfortunately), a very simple-not-so-revealing crop top (wink) and a floral hair scarf.  And the jacket… Am I glad this phenomenal jacket showed up! It surely added panache to the whole look. Absolutely love it!

I really had an incredible day. I hope you did too and that you received the kind of love we all deserve. Till next time.


Jordana A











CROP TOP: Custom made by Lakisha Fashions

PANTS: ESPRIT, Anne Hip. Gifted


SHOES: Hotsoles. Gifted

PHOTOS: @conrad_roy


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