Personal Style: Mellow Yellow

Hi loves! It has certainly  been a lifetime since I put this blog up so today just had to be it. First blog post is finally here yay!!!

So, I’m here to share with you lovelies most of the things I’m passionate about and hoping I can be your How-to-girl regards fashion, makeup, diys and a lot more and also how to look MORE with LESS.

Case in point, my outfit this week. We all know yellow is a trendy go-to color during summer and I can proudly say I am bringing the heat today with this September rain looming in on us. I have really never been one for colors, yellow in particular, but that promptly changed when my sister (knowing my absolute dislike for the color) bought this dress for me.  Right now, I am kind of, sort of, basically, pretty much in love with this yellow sunflower lace dress.

Besides its lively pattern of floral lace which creates an eye-catching overlay, this dress is beyond comfy and unbelievably easy to accessorize.

For this look, I decided to go with yellow earrings, necklaces, and armlet all affordable from a Mr Price store with cream sandals. You can pretty much wear any choice of jewelry and shoes and you will still be collecting notes from secret admirers right and left. This Little Yellow Dress is a must have, ladies.

Get yourself one HERE and HERE

Do share yours with me and let me know what you think about mine.

Photos to share








Adios and please do hang around for more. xx

Wearing: Yellow Sunflower Lace Dress, Cream sandals

Makeup: Yours truly, myself

Photo: Conrad Roy, Linkx Photography


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